Instagram is the new Facebook – at least when it comes to the younger target group. So if your product or service is aimed at a younger audience, an Instagram Business account can be worthwhile.

Learn how to set up your company profile correctly at Instagram and how to create an appropriate strategy. We also have three examples of good Instagram channels from start-ups for you.

What is Instagram anyway?

Instagram, along with Facebook or Twitter, is one of the largest social networks in the world. Instagram focuses on images and short videos with hashtags (#) that allow non-subscribers to find images.

All images and videos in Instagram are square and can be edited with different filters. This serves a retro trend on the one hand, because the pictures and videos are supposed to remind of Polaroid shots. On the other hand, Instagram focuses in particular on motivating images, which are given a more charming touch by the filters.

In 2012 Instagram was purchased from Facebook. Since 2016, the app has also offered the option of creating a business profile, where you can obtain detailed statistics and start campaigns compared to your private account. Both the private account and the business account are free of charge as long as no ads are placed.

When is an Instagram account worthwhile for founders?

Instagram serves a rather younger target group, which is why a business account is a great opportunity if your product or service appeals to young people.

Since Instagram only uses pictures and videos, you should set up a business account if you can inspire with creative and motivating pictures. You will not only arouse stronger emotions, which will be transported better by pictures in comparison to texts. You also benefit from the relatively high level of interaction Instagram offers compared to other social networks.

Particularly popular are the so-called “Instagram Stories”, where companies can give their fans exclusive insights. Over the course of a day, stories are repeatedly supplemented by short video messages, which are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Users must therefore be quick to view the content. However, pay attention to the factors time and goals: Because (personnel) costs or costs for a PR agency specialized in Instagram and the benefits of social media activities should be in good proportion.

Create the Right Strategy for Your Instagram Business Account

Step 1: Define goals

You should not (only) set up an Instagram Business account to be a part of it. Success will only come from your channel if you follow a well thought-out strategy. So ask yourself beforehand:

So the first step if you want to get off to a good start with Instagram is the objective. Do you want to increase brand awareness, improve your image or promote a specific product?

When defining your goals, also keep in mind that Instagram lives from emotions. Classic advertisements in the form of posts don’t work for free here – put people and experiences in the foreground with your pictures or videos at Instagram.

Step 2: Know your competitors

After you have defined the goals, you should analyze your environment: Which competitors are represented on Instagram with a business account? How are the channels filled there? What works well – what doesn’t? Which hashtags are used? Let yourself be inspired by the competition, but don’t lose sight of your own goals.

The next step is a hashtag analysis. Research important hash tags that work for your industry at Instagram. Good hashtags can greatly increase your reach. But beware: use hashtags consciously and don’t flood your subscribers with them – less is sometimes more with Instagram.

Step 3: Target audience and content

You should know your target group well: How old is she? What are their preferences? At what time is it particularly active? Plan the articles and topics that could be of interest to your target group in advance. Hashtag campaigns, competitions or stories can also inspire your subscribers.

For example, how about letting your fans look behind the scenes of your production in an Instagram story for one day? Or having your subscribers post pictures under a hash tag – and the best picture wins your new product?

Instagram business account for founders

A company profile on Instagram is especially worthwhile if you address a young target group, if you can offer strong images and if you have the necessary human resources. You’ll benefit from a comparatively high level of interaction on Instagram compared to other social networks.

An Instagram Business account is quick to set up and has the advantage that you can get more detailed statistics and offer better contact opportunities. Instagram has only offered the company profile since 2016 – so it’s likely that the business account features will become even more comprehensive.

For Instagram communication, it is a good idea to define a strategy for your business account in advance: In particular, you should define goals, know your target group and competitors, and plan content accordingly. Use the statistics to continuously improve your Instagram communications.

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