IFARA’s mission is to broaden the possibilities of treatment, treatment access and the knowledge of treatments to all people who live with HIV/AIDS as well as other associated life-threatening diseases or conditions.

The IFARA 2010 CROI Production Team:

Fred Schaich, Executive Producer
Founded IFARA in Florida over 20 years ago. Since moving IFARA to Portland, Oregon, Fred has produced over 400 television programs on HIV and other health issues. This is Fred's 9th CROI. He has also produced HIV programs from numerous international AIDS conferences, and served on the board of various ASO's, including being an active member of the AIDS Treatment Activist Coalition.

Gregory Fowler: Videographer, Editor, Producer.
This is Greg's 7th CROI conference, He has also worked on various international AIDS conferences, including those in Sydney, Toronto, Mexico City, Cape Town, and London. Greg has been living with HIV/AIDS for over 23 years.

Loreen Willenberg: Interviewer.
Loreen dedicates her time to the PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) community as an HIV/AIDS Treatment and Vaccine Research Activist. Inspired by the beacon of hope represented by HIV Controllers, Loreen established the Zephyr L.T.N.P. Foundation, Inc.

Joshua Eddings: Technical Engineer and Technical Coordinator.
This is Josh's 5th CROI, where he as insured that all production technical aspects of the programs happen. Josh is active in various organizations that advocate through media on community and minority issues.

Jim Thompson: Technical Production Coordinator.
This is Jim's second CROI, where he actively handles the production aspects of each of the interviews and panels.

Daniel Masterson:  Production Assistant

Jules Levin
Yasmin Halima
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Berry
Orlando Roman
Ron Rosenes

San Francisco Crew
Michael Leslie: video editor, camera operator
Tim Norberg: camera operator
Lorraine Stone: camera operator