CROI 2012: Global Pediatric Issues

"Global Pediatric AIDS Issues" Panel including: Polly Clayden, Director, i-Base, London, UK; and Rachael Cohen, Regional Executive Director, Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative in North America. Panel hosted by Fred Schaich, IFARA, Portland, OR.

The panel addresses the complex issues facing providers and caregivers for the 3.4 million children living with HIV/AIDS. It covers treatment access, HIV treatment formulations, importance for PCR method for early diagnosis in the developing world, moving from antiquated first line pediatric formulations, moving from breast feeding to formula, and TB and HIV contemporary treatment.

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  1. Actually my son's pediatric dentist tyler tx also told me that its really alarming to hear that cases of kids with aids are increasing she said that they really appreciate health awareness discussions and programs such as this one cause it really do help us.