Treatment Update 2011: Hepatitis Panel

Hosted by Jules Levin, NATAP, New York, NY.
Paula Greiger-Zanlungo, MD, Director HIV/HCV Clinic, Mt. Vernon Hospital, Mt. Vernon, NY
Douglas T. Dietrich, MD, Professor of Medicine, Director of CME, Director Outpatient Hepatology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
Ken Sherman, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Cincinnati, OH

This panel discusses the new compounds in development for Hepatitis, so we may understand what’s in the pipeline, and how to treat now and prepare for a new treatment paradigm in the future, with new medical providers. They cover dosing, boosting, side effects, toxicities, food effects in dosing, and the conduct and results of some of the research presented at the CROI, including "response guided therapy".

To download an audio mp3 file, right-click here and choose "Save".

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