CROI 2010: Welcome to the Treatment Update Program

Please click on the video below to begin the Playlist for the Treatment Update 2010. The First Panel: Anti-Retrovirals, will play, followed by the Metabolic Issues and HIV Panel and then the Hepatitis Co-Infection Panel. There are links after the video below to play each video independently, so you can choose which panel to watch. If you have to restart a video - please choose from this list and use the slider bar on the bottom to return to the place you where.
Expand the video to full screen by clicking the little TV icon on the bottom right of the picture!

First Panel: Anti-Retrovirals
Second Panel: Metabolic Issues and HIV
Third Panel: Hepatitis Co-Infection

After you are finished watching these video please click on this link to take a short survey

There are over 50 video interviews/panels on this site, choose a topic on the lower right panel.

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